Frequently Asked Questions

What is Volumetric Video?

Volumetric Video is true 3D video which allows the viewer to view content from any and every angle. We bring “Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope” to mixed reality viewable by phones.

Is Soar’s volumetric content real-time streamable or on-demand?

Both! As the world’s first real-time streaming platform, we are compression pioneers tearing down the barrier to real-time streamed 3D content. We do also offer the ability to stream on-demand content which can be accessed whenever and wherever. Both solutions stream at 30 FPS.

Will I rack up a huge bill with my ISP?

Our compression pipeline allows you to stream content around 10-20Mbps, which is inline with standard HD and 4K video.

What does hardware look like?

We use 4-8 Azure Kinect or Intel RealSense D455 cameras. A high-end consumer grade gaming rig will suffice for all connected cameras. Lighting can be added to taste in order to ensure a well-lit subject. Any type of external microphone can be connected and used to capture audio in sync with the volumetric capture. Also, no green screen is necessary.

How large is the capture space?

The capture space is about 10 feet by 10 feet and can fit one person…for now.

Any restrictions on wardrobe when being captured?

Some materials and colors do work better than others. The less plastic and shiny items, the better. Black clothes can be hit or mess, depending on the material. Long sleeves and pants typically work better than short sleeve shirts and shorts.

How is the content consumed?

We supply a Unity plugin for iOS and Android phones and have 8th Wall support in the works.

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