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Real-time volumetric video

for everyone, for real.

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Soar enables creators of all sizes to record and stream volumetric video in real-time.

We provide capture software with robust format support, an end-to-end distribution pipeline for live content, and everything you need to develop on popular platforms without additional fees.

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Wait, what’s volumetric video?

Imagine being able to go to any concert, watch any act, or meet anyone face-to-face without even leaving your house. Soar makes this possible by capturing true-to-life performances in three dimensional space and streaming them across the internet onto any computer, phone or headset — right as they're happening.

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Why Soar?

Our accessible technology eliminates the need for large, expensive volumetric capture stages— opening up a limitless horizon of creative possibilities.

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    Create assets in real-time and immediately ready for export or livestreaming. What you see is what you get.

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    Industry-leading compression algorithm

    Stream 3D models and textures across the web at typical video bitrates with our proprietary compression tech.

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    End-to-end streaming and content delivery pipeline

    We not only handle capturing the video, but also storing and playing it back from our cloud platform.

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    Portable setup with one-minute calibration

    Calibrate cameras in under a minute using our proprietary Calibration Cube. No fuss, just press a button and it works.

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    Affordable pricing

    We offer multiple tiers and discounts for students and academia.

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    Turn-key Solution

    No dedicated team or special skills required.

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Soar for Education

Teach and inspire with volumetric video.

  • Enable students to quickly prototype and create games, immersive content, and more
  • Academia-friendly licensing
  • Connect with an emerging community of volumetric researchers
  • Stay relevant with next-generation creative tools
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